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Physical Impressions

  1. ​​Share us your location, clinic name and doctor's contact information by Call/ WhatsApp/ E-mail.

  2. Print and fill out a Lab Form.

  3. Pack your new case with the Lab Form.

  4. Alert us via Call/ WhatsApp for *collection by our despatch team in Klang Valley.

  5. OR, if you are in other states or overseas, kindly arrange for a courier to deliver the new case to us.

  6. Cases will be delivered or couriered back to you upon completion.

*Collections will be on the same day, or next working day for the request after 3pm.

Please be reminded that Lab Form is necessary for all cases.


Sending your Digital Impressions?

Check out the instructions below for your scanner model.

If your scanner is not listed, or require any help, feel free to give us a Call/ WhatsApp at +6012 - 288 6081.

We're here to help!

  1. Visit

  2. Login to your 3Shape Communicate account. 

  3. Click on the Connections button, and click Add Connection.

  4. Make sure to check the box labeled Show me Labs if it's there.

  5. Find Omegaden Laboratory by searching for

  6. Connect.

  7. Give us a call or send a message on WhatsApp to inform us that you've sent a request.

  8. Once we approve your connection request, the status of Omegaden Laboratory will change from Waiting for approval to Active.

  9. Once connected with us, choose Omegaden Laboratory when sending files.

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